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Higher sea level rise was recently forecast. It was also estimated that Bangkok and its perimeters can be submerged and become underwater cities. This possibility has been discussed by scientists and academics.

This indicated global warming, which will result in floods across the world. It was also proposed to construct the second capital or move it to other areas.....

This news was spread throughout the city and people worried so much that they plan to reserve or buy land in other provinces, especially highland. In case of emergency, they could move immediately to live there.

This would actually take place or not, was revealed by Dr. Siriluk Chumchean, Chairperson of Subcommittee on Water Resources Engineering of the Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M. King's Patronage (EIT). Bangkok’s massive floods have been frequently asked. In particular, the events in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia were compared due to its rapid subsidence because Bangkok and its perimeters have similar subsidence factors. For example, there is heavy rainfall but drainage systems are delayed, especially excessive use of groundwater.

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